US Justice Department Takes Action on Physician Owned Distributorships

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US Department of Justice Scales Of Justice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been writing about physician owned distributorships (PODs) for a while.  See my previous posts here and here.  Whether or not there is improper behavior, physician owned distributorships create the appearance of impropriety and give the medical device industry a bad name.

Earlier in September, the Justice Department finally took action against a physician owned distributorship.  It took time for the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) to build its case against PODs generally (see the OIG activities here), and against this distributorship in particular.  My guess is that the Justice Department will try to use this case to set a precedent, so the Continue reading “US Justice Department Takes Action on Physician Owned Distributorships”


Startup Medical Devices Change the World

RDN Procedure 2 - Catheter-based Energy DeliveryIn case you aren’t paying attention, novel medical devices are changing the world. Some recent clinical trial headlines:

Ardian’s Renal Denervation System Demonstrates Sustained Blood Pressure Reduction at 30 Month Follow Up

Asthmatx Bronchial Thermoplasty Provides Long Term Asthma Control Out to 5 Year Follow Up

Percutaneous Valve Technologies’ and CoreValve’s Real World Registry Data Show That Transcatheter Valves Dramatically Improve New York Heart Association class III/IV symptoms and Angina

Barrx’s Endoscopic Ablation Therapy Eliminates Precancerous Esophageal Tissue and Significantly Reduces Disease Progression In Patients with Low Grade Dysplasia

EndoGastric Solutions’ Incisionless Endoscopic Procedure Significantly More Effective at Eliminating Chronic GERD Symptoms than Maximum PPI Dose, New Data Show

CV Ingenuity’s drug-eluting balloon demonstrates good 12 month efficacy in peripheral arterial disease.

Making a real and lasting impact – that’s what medical device startups are all about.

That’s why I do what I do.

Massachusetts Medical Device Events Calendar

Map of Greater Boston
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Massachusetts Medical Device Events Calendar

Want to learn more about the medical device industry and its key issues? The greater Boston area hosts a ton of medical device events, but it has always been a pain to try to find them. So, I’ve added a new page to my blog, a Medical Device Events Calendar. Check it out here.

If you have an event that you’d like me to add, leave me a comment at the bottom of the calendar page.