The lean medical device startup compensation policy

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A great coder with a great idea can start an amazing web 2.0 business. In the web startup world, college dropouts create billion dollar businesses by their mid-20’s. In the medical device industry though, experience counts. You’ll need a VP Regulatory Affairs that has several FDA approvals in the last 10 years. Your head of product development should have driven several products successfully to market. Your head of marketing should be a creative product launch veteran. I hope your manufacturing team has built many medical device products before.

Ramen profitable” doesn’t work for medical device companies.  Medical device companies need experienced talent. Experienced talent deserves fair compensation.

What’s the right compensation policy?

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Stock Options – Wilson’s Rules

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures
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One of my most popular posts concerns employee stock options  (see Stock options – everybody in the pool).  Last week, Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures described his formula for granting employee options, on his blog AVC. Everyone gets options, according to his transparent formula.  Makes a lot of sense to me, and I’m sure it will for you.  Read his post here.