Finding Your First (or Next) Medical Device Position

It’s March, so if you’re graduating soon you should be well into your job search. When asked for advice, I always give the same response to job seekers. Few of them take my advice, but it hasn’t stopped me from trying. This post isn’t intended to be a comprehensive guide to finding a job, and it really isn’t that specific to medical devices. It’s just one person’s view.

I am surprised that so many candidates expect to get in the door of a company by flinging a resume at an HR department. As a hiring manager I dread poring through piles of resumes, the vast majority of which aren’t even close.

Getting someone to hire you is like getting someone to buy a product. An employee is a big investment, and employment decisions are not taken lightly. As a job seeker, you are the both the product and the sales rep. The hiring company is the prospective buyer. In sales, you identify suspects, qualify them into prospects, then sell the prospects on the unique value of your product. Imagine a sales rep trying to close a sale by flinging a brochure at the purchasing department. How is that different from flinging a resume at HR?

I advise job seekers to think like a sales rep. Here are some specifics.

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