Fresh Money: 2010 Q3


Chinese 1 Yuan Coin, Macro Photo
Image by Ivan Walsh via Flickr


Fresh money means that VC’s and PE firms need to make new investments, to put their fresh money to work. So, if you are looking for investors, look for those with fresh money.

Here is an updated list of VC fundraising activities for Q3 2010. Disclaimer: this list is likely not comprehensive, as firms don’t always announce new funds.

Two comments:

First, although I last posted in August, this update includes headlines for some firms that raised funds in the prior twelve months.  I add them when I find out about them.

Second, China investments appear to be the hot new trend, with three major firms starting to invest in Chinese life science innovations.  Why not?  Innovation knows no borders.

Here’s the Q3 update: Fresh-money-2010-Q3


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