Healthcare Venture Capital Fundraising List 2011 Q4

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My list of ‘healthcare VC’s with money to invest’ has become increasingly popular, and today I’m very happy to say that I’ve reached an important milestone: three years of data.

In total, my list now includes about 250 VC fund raising announcements from January 2009 to February 2012. Considering that VC’s typically make their new investments within three years of the fund’s raise, I suspect that the list includes the vast majority of healthcare VC’s that are actively making new investments in startups today.

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Healthcare Venture Capital Fundraising List 2011 Q3

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For medical device startups, raising venture capital is a challenge that seems to keep getting harder. For healthcare VC’s, raising money from limited partners is just as challenging. Despite the reality that some VC’s are exiting the healthcare investment business, the good news for entrepreneurs is that there are still many healthcare VC’s raising new funds, even in today’s less-than-stellar economic environment.

Who are these VC’s? For almost 3 years I’ve been tracking the fundraising activity of venture funds that focus on healthcare, and generalist firms that make some healthcare investments. My goal is to create a reasonably comprehensive and current resource for life science entrepreneurs, and make it available here.

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Life Science Venture Capital Fundraising List

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Every venture firm claims to be looking for great companies to support. The reality is that many have no money for new investments, having reserved their remaining cash for their current portfolio.

How can a medical device entrepreneur find the firms that have the capacity for new investments? How can an entrepreneur find fresh money?  Wouldn’t it be great if someone created a list of life science venture capital firms that have recently raised money?

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Fresh Money: 2011 Q1

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According to the Boston Globe, the top New England venture-funded sector in Q1 2011 was medical devices and equipment, at $145 million.  That’s great news and a testament to the local medical device innovation economy.

On the other hand, life science venture capitalists in New England closed no new funds in Q1.   That’s not great news.  There has been some fund-raising activity, so we can hope for a better Q2.  In fact, Bessemer Ventures closed a $1.6B fund in early April, which will include medical devices as a target investment sector, so Q2 is off to a good start.

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