Fresh Money: 2011 Q1

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According to the Boston Globe, the top New England venture-funded sector in Q1 2011 was medical devices and equipment, at $145 million.  That’s great news and a testament to the local medical device innovation economy.

On the other hand, life science venture capitalists in New England closed no new funds in Q1.   That’s not great news.  There has been some fund-raising activity, so we can hope for a better Q2.  In fact, Bessemer Ventures closed a $1.6B fund in early April, which will include medical devices as a target investment sector, so Q2 is off to a good start.

If you’re raising money, you should know which life science funds actually did raise money in Q1 2011.  How do you find out?

Click Fresh-money-2011-Q1 to download my latest quarterly list of VC fundraising activities, through Q1 2011. Disclaimer: this list is likely not comprehensive, as firms don’t always announce new funds. Leave a comment if you know a fund raise that I missed in this table, and I’ll update the table.


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