Venture Capitalist Bloggers

Sand Hill Road Sign
Image by Mark Coggins via Flickr

You can’t be a credible social media venture capitalist if you’re not an active social media user.  Blogs and twitter are the social media of choice, and VC’s have created a lot of content worth reading.  On my blogroll I’ve included some of my favorites, but now you can find the comprehensive list of all VC blogs at the Venture Capital (VC) Blog Directory – 2011 Edition, put together by Larry Cheng of Volition Capital.  Thanks to Ty Danco for pointing it out.

Note that only a handful of life science VC’s have blogs.  Savvy tech VC’s have figured out that blogging and tweeting can help build their VC (and personal) brand, creating dealflow and entrepreneur interest.  Life science VC’s are once again behind the curve.  Let’s hope for a change in 2011.


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