Life Science Venture Capital Fundraising List

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Every venture firm claims to be looking for great companies to support. The reality is that many have no money for new investments, having reserved their remaining cash for their current portfolio.

How can a medical device entrepreneur find the firms that have the capacity for new investments? How can an entrepreneur find fresh money?  Wouldn’t it be great if someone created a list of life science venture capital firms that have recently raised money?

For the past 30 months I’ve been tracking the fundraising activity of life science venture funds. My goal is to create a reasonably comprehensive and current resource for life science entrepreneurs. Here’s my update for Q3 2011, culled from news articles over the past 3 months.

My list is not perfect, as firms don’t always announce new funds. Leave a comment if I am missing a fund raise in this table, and I’ll update it.

If your your medical device company is raising a new round, download the list here: Fresh-money-2011-Q2.  If you have friends who are raising a round, send them this post with the sharing buttons below.


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