Healthcare Venture Capital Fundraising List 2011 Q3

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For medical device startups, raising venture capital is a challenge that seems to keep getting harder. For healthcare VC’s, raising money from limited partners is just as challenging. Despite the reality that some VC’s are exiting the healthcare investment business, the good news for entrepreneurs is that there are still many healthcare VC’s raising new funds, even in today’s less-than-stellar economic environment.

Who are these VC’s? For almost 3 years I’ve been tracking the fundraising activity of venture funds that focus on healthcare, and generalist firms that make some healthcare investments. My goal is to create a reasonably comprehensive and current resource for life science entrepreneurs, and make it available here.

I update the list about once a quarter, and post it here on my blog. This time, I’ve also added in a few healthcare-focused private equity firms that compete with VC’s to invest in later stage companies.

As always, my list is not perfect, as firms don’t always announce new funds. Please leave me a comment if I am missing a VC funding event in this table, and I’ll update it.

Before pitching your company, you should know if your prospective VC has money to invest.  If your medical device company is raising a new round, download the list here: Fresh-money-2011-Q3. If you have friends who are raising a round, send them this post with the sharing buttons below.


3 thoughts on “Healthcare Venture Capital Fundraising List 2011 Q3

    1. Hi Brian,

      Thanks for your comment. It does take some effort to maintain the list, so it’s nice to know that people find it of value. I’d prefer you share the post via the links at the bottom of the post where it says “Share this:” As you may know, I update the list every few months. I think it will be most helpful if people can find my blog so they can always get access to the latest file.

      – Jay

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