Healthcare Venture Capital Fundraising List 2011 Q4

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My list of ‘healthcare VC’s with money to invest’ has become increasingly popular, and today I’m very happy to say that I’ve reached an important milestone: three years of data.

In total, my list now includes about 250 VC fund raising announcements from January 2009 to February 2012. Considering that VC’s typically make their new investments within three years of the fund’s raise, I suspect that the list includes the vast majority of healthcare VC’s that are actively making new investments in startups today.

While starting a company or raising a new round is never easy, I continue to be really optimistic about the life-science startup fundraising environment. Today’s update includes 36 new VC fund raising announcements since the last posting four months ago. That’s nine per month or more than two per week.  Wow!  Some notable events:

  • Canaan Partners raised a $600M fund.
  • Vivo Ventures raised a $375M fund.
  • Flagship Ventures raised a $270M fund.
  • Several former ATV and Morgenthaler Life Science VCs launched Lightstone Ventures

Check out the lastest update here: Fresh-money-2011-Q4. As always, please let me know if I’ve missed anything. If you have friends who are raising a round, send them this post with the sharing buttons below.


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