Healthcare Venture Capital Fundraising List 2012 Q2


Sanger Institute and Hinxton Hall, Cambridge, UK
Sanger Institute and Hinxton Hall, Cambridge, UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been several months since I’ve updated my list of “Healthcare VC’s with money to invest,” so I have plenty to report.

I’ve added about 35 new announcements of firms that successfully raised new funds or are actively raising new funds. Most VC firms that are actively raising new funds are simultaneously looking for investment opportunities, so they will be positioned to put their new money to work right away. Definitely consider pitching them.

While there are a few really small funds (under $100M), the majority of healthcare-focused firms seem to target a$150M to $300M fund sizes. A handful of diversified firms have also raised new funds. While diversified firms are typically larger, it’s important to remember that the healthcare portion is just one piece, and may not be bigger than the healthcare-focused funds.

Some notable events over the past few months:

  • Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Raises $525M KPCB15
  • New Enterprise Associates Raises $2.1B NEA14
  • H.I.G. BioVentures Raises $268M Fund
  • UK-based Wellcome Trust to launch £200 million investment business for healthcare and life sciences
  • European firm Index Ventures Launches New €150m Life Sciences Fund

Check out the lastest update here:Fresh-money-2012-Q2. As always, please let me know if I’ve missed anything. If you have friends who are raising a round, send them this post with the sharing buttons below.



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