The State of Manufacturing 2012

Manufacturing Jobs
Manufacturing Jobs (Photo credit: Leader Nancy Pelosi)

Medical device companies manufacture their products, so you’ll find plenty of talk about manufacturing on my blog. A year ago I posted “Manufacturing Matters” about the unfortunate disconnect between product development and manufacturing. Six months before that I posted “The Dwindling Allure of Building Factories Offshore” where I tried to give some guidance about factory location decisions.

Other than news of factory closures and layoffs, or management misbehavior in Chinese factories, relatively little is written about manufacturing in the US media. A handful of publications, though, have not forgotten the importance of manufacturing to the US economy. Medical device executives would do well to pay attention to the overall manufacturing environment. So today I offer up a great collection of manufacturing articles for your year-end reading pleasure.


Manufacturing the future: The next era of global growth and innovation” McKinsey Global Institute, December 2012

The Insourcing Boom” The Atlantic, December 2012

Mr. China Comes to America” The Atlantic, December 2012

Alan Tonelson: ‘The Insourcing Boom That Isn’t‘” The Atlantic Monthly, December 2012

Why America’s Export Surge Is Just Beginning” BCG Perspectives, September 2012

The Demand-Driven Supply Chain” BCG Perspectives, May 2012

U.S. Manufacturing Nears the Tipping Point: Which Industries, Why, and How Much?” BCG Perspectives, March 2012

Making It in America” The Atlantic, January 2012

Manufacturing Is Key to Innovation as Well as Jobs” Technology Review, January 2012


Can We Build Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs?” Technology Review, December 2011

Standing Up for Manufacturing” Technology Review, December 2011

Is It Time to Rethink Your Manufacturing Strategy?” Sloan Management Review, December 2011

Made in America, Again: Why Manufacturing Will Return to the U.S.” BCG Perspectives, August 2011

Why We Need a National Manufacturing Technology Strategy” Technology Review, July 2011

Why Manufacturing Matters” Technology Review, July 2011

Location Matters in Manufacturing” Technology Review, July 2011

Innovation Depends on a Robust Manufacturing Sector” Technology Review, July 2011

What’s Next When Offshoring Isn’t So Cheap?” BCG Perspectives, February 2011


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