Medical Device Startups: Extraordinary Outcomes, Extraordinary Effort

Deserve victory

My blog has gone pretty quiet for the last couple of months – an effect of the pace of a high-performance startup. After all, extraordinary achievement requires extraordinary effort.

We start new medical device companies to achieve extraordinary outcomes:

For patients, dramatic improvements in mortality, morbidity and quality-of-life.

For physicians, new and better options for patient care.

For providers and payers, meaningful reductions in the cost of care.

For our investors, healthy returns on investment.

For our families, providing for our future.

For ourselves, the exhilarating experience of extraordinary achievement.

And it truly is exhilarating.

In the classic 1713 play “Cato”, Joseph Addison wrote “‘Tis not in mortals to command success / But we’ll do more, Sempronius, we’ll deserve it.” Startups working to achieve extraordinary outcomes can’t guarantee success, but we can do everything in our power to deserve it.

I’ve worked at companies where the building fills and empties on the clock. I’ve watched the daily exit stampede of those who measure out their workdays in coffee spoons. I didn’t understand it then, and I don’t understand it now. Why spend your life turning the treadmill, when you can join a medical device startup and change the world?

At Fractyl, we’re having a ton of fun creating an amazing new product and a great new business. We’re building an incredibly smart and talented team – our office is highly energized. Our goals are lofty, our mission is motivating, and our commitment is strong. We have the opportunity to do something extraordinary, and we’re giving ourselves every chance of success.

Extraordinary achievement takes extraordinary effort. But let me tell you – it’s totally worth it.


5 thoughts on “Medical Device Startups: Extraordinary Outcomes, Extraordinary Effort

  1. Hi Jay,

    Thanks for your great summary of the joys of extra effort.

    Infraredx, which you helped guide through the formative years for the product, is having great success in identifying lipid cores at STEMI culprit sites. This has been found in Lund, Sweden, Rome, and the US in over 80 patients now. An extraordinary outcome coming from the device.


  2. Knew you were working extraordinarily hard. You are running a marathon so keep those priorities in balance. You will finish the race a winner and happy to share the success with the entire team and family. Continued good fortune and fun, Dan

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