List of Active Healthcare Venture Capital Investors – 2014 Q4

Baby You're a Rich ManAnother year has gone by since I last updated my list of healthcare venture capital funds with money to invest. Better late than never, I guess.

Today, I’m happy to post an updated list, complete through November 2014. Good news: lots of new funds have been (or are being) raised!

My list is unusual, in that it’s a list of headlines about fund-raises, not just fund-raises themselves. VC’s that are raising funds (but have not yet closed) are usually also looking for investments, so they will be able to put their new fund to work right away. Headlines often tell you a little more about the venture firm and its investing philosophy.

As I’ve done in the past, I’ve again included a few private equity firms, venture debt firms, and royalty firms, if they invest in healthcare. Why not?

Interestingly, the number of headlines in each of the last five years has ranged from 74 (2010) to 115 (2011). This year’s 84 headlines is right in the middle of the pack. In other words, the overall headline trend is flat. I’ve also included some announcements from firms that are no longer investing, as it’s best to identify those firms early.

As always, my list is limited to publicly available data, so I may have missed some firms that have not made public announcements. Nevertheless, I think you’ll find the list to be pretty comprehensive. Leave me a comment if you know something I missed.

To download the new list, click here.


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